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4 reveal how effective skin rejuvenation no more than 10 thousand

Skin rejuvenation is a method to help regain youth fast for women is done in a lot of today's spa. However, not everyone is in a position to go to the beauty center regularly.

 Skin rejuvenation is a method to help regain youth fast for women is done in a lot of today's spa. However, not everyone is in a position to go to the beauty center regularly. Thus the anti-aging secret in the currently receiving much attention from women. Together we refer to the most popular ways right below.

Kem Body Typoly là sản phẩm chăm sóc da cao cấp

Kem Typolo Royal Jelly giải pháp dưỡng trắng da hoàn hảo Growing old is something that none of us want, especially women. For women over 30 years old, the age wonder even more when the skin has begun to appear wrinkles.

 5 things to remember when caring for aging skin

1/ Skin Rejuvenation with butter

 Referring to the way natural skin rejuvenation, certainly can not ignore the butter. This is the fruit of many people such as "gold material" help slow the aging process effectively.

 How: You just pureed avocado with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 egg white, then cover the mixture on your face for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. This will help you have a smooth skin tension, full of life.

2/ Skin Rejuvenation with tomatoes

 Tomato is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C, B, A, E works to prevent the formation of wrinkles, sagging and stimulate anti-cell regeneration of new skin, so is a recipe for children very good skin products.

 How: You only need to add tomatoes to your daily menu to provide vitamins for the body, or it can use tomato juice facial 2-3 times a week for rejuvenation the skin is more rapid.

3/ Skin Rejuvenation with lemon

 Like tomatoes, lemon contains vitamin C and naturally high acid fruits can soften the stratum corneum, complete removal of dead cells, stimulates the regeneration of new skin. This is also a way to rejuvenate the skin being heavily favored sister.

 How: You can apply directly to the skin lemon, let dry and rinse. Because lemon juice contains acid, can corrode the skin so you can use diluted or masks combined with some other ingredients like yogurt, honey, tomato...

4/ Skin Rejuvenation with banana

 Bananas are cheap fruits and very popular in Vietnam, this fruit is not only good for health but also will be used to beautify the skin very well. Bananas contain a lot of vitamin E, C, B6 ... just help nourish skin cells helps slow the aging process. There are many ways you've applied rejuvenates skin with banana and appreciation of the benefits of this fruit.

 How: How to do very simple, you just grind a banana, apply evenly onto face and neck for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. You may also be combined with other ingredients to change and get better results.


 Hopefully, 4 methods of skin rejuvenation effect above will help you get the skin smooth, toned as standard. However, to those on the real way to be effective requires perseverance done in a long time. In particular, the turn of the 40s, the natural way almost no or very little effect. At this point, you need skin care products more effective as aging cream Typolo line. Has been studied and proven ability to minimize wrinkles, smooth skin stretch, combined with intensive remove pigmentation and brightens skin, cream Typolo solution is the perfect skin care that any sisters all women should have. Contact us today to order to get the most attractive offers from us.

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