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Giá bán: 495,000 vnđ

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Are you are experiencing some difficulties after purchasing the lotion?

Kem dưỡng da mặt cao cấp Typolo Collagen Active Nano WhiteHand lotion is useful as expected, did not improve the skin even after a long time use.

 Hand lotion no clear origin, irritate the skin causing skin seriously hurt.

 Hand lotion with a high price tag makes you whether you want it but do not have the conditions to use regularly.

So you would want to buy hand lotion like?

 Must have clear origin guarantee absolute safety for facial skin.

 Is extracted from natural ingredients, facials from deep inside.

 There is a reasonable price to purchase and regular use helps skin always cared and protected in the best way.

Chăm sóc da mặt là nhu cầu thiết yếu của phái đẹp
Facials are the essential needs of women

If it really is your desire then advanced facial cream Typolo Active Collagen Nano White will help you make it!

Premium facial cream Collagen Active Nano White Typolo solution comprehensive facials for women

 Premium facial cream Collagen Active Nano White Typolo extracted from red pomegranate seeds have the potential to reverse the production of melanin, prevent tanning, make freckles disappear, stubborn brown spots up 90% ... helps the skin to be revived, soft, natural and white roses.

 Our products are research based on skin characteristics of Asian women, are produced under closed process, natural extracts, ensures strict safety conditions and bring quality care solutions comprehensive skin for women.

 The product is integrated capabilities SPF30 sunscreen to protect skin from the harmful agents from the environment such as dust, UV, bacteria ... pink and white skin always tanned back restrictions, supply optimal level of collagen content of the skin and prevent aging and skin moisture balance is not rough.

 The product has the ability to remove dead skin cells, stimulates the production of new cells and erase reduce tiny wrinkles, deep wrinkles are also the obvious changes, bronzed skin became whiter, enhance skin elasticity, to tighten pores, preventing the formation and development of acne bran.

Kem dưỡng da mặt cao cấp Typolo Collagen Active Nano White lựa chọn tuyệt vời cho phái đẹp
Premium facial cream Collagen Active Nano White Typolo great choice for women

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The use of high-end face cream Typolo Active Collagen Nano White

Premium facial cream Typolo Active Collagen Nano gives you a lot of great utility follows:

 Pink white skin radiant and limit sun tan back.
 Anti-aging, prevent wrinkles, making the skin smooth stretch.
 Moisture balance to the skin, rough skin from drying.
 Blocking ultraviolet rays, sunscreen SPF30 index.
 Astringent for the skin pores become smooth.

Why choose to buy high-end skin cream Typolo White Nano Active Collagen in cosmetics Typolo?

 The product is produced by Typolo franchise, direct import of raw materials from Japan and Europe ...

 Support for refund within 7 days if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of products.
 Free delivery to take place within 24 hours.
 Policy attentive customer care, support agents dedicated.
 Committed to providing genuine cream Typolo best prices in the market.


Typolo Collagen Active Nano White ngày càng được nhiều chị em tin dùng
Active Collagen Nano White Typolo increasingly believe many women use


Manual and preserve facial cream white senior Active Collagen Nano White Typolo

 How to use: Wash your face, apply a layer of white cream Active Collagen Nano White thin on your face, massage gently for about 3 minutes to penetrate deeply into the skin cream, cream for daytime use or before the sun, evening bedtime should wash your face thoroughly to the skin is resting, ventilation.

 Storage: A cool dry place, away from high temperatures, after use, should put the lid carefully to the preservation process is longer.

Kem dưỡng da mặt cao cấp Typolo Collagen Active Nano White lựa chọn tuyệt vời cho phái đẹp


Consumer price: 395,000 VND / Box


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